With the recent rapid rise in popularity of Genealogy, more and more people are requesting the once rare service of Photo Restoration. The actual physical restoration of photographs is a very expensive exercise. There are still very few people with the skills, special tools and materials required.
With the arrival of the more sophisticated desktop computer has come the ability to scan a photograph, restore the image on the computer, then print a restored copy. This is still expensive, but nowhere near as expensive as physical restoration.

At Photo One, we have been doing computer copying and restoration of old photographs since 1997. (that's about as long as the service has been available in New Zealand)

Below are some samples of what we have done for our customers:


If you would like to have a photograph restored, and you would like us to give you a quote, here are some ways you can do it:

1. Send it to us.
If you are prepared to trust your precious photo to a courier, send it to us with a return courier ticket and your address and email address. (see the CONTACT US page for our address) If the photo is in a frame, please remove it first, otherwise we can do it for a small charge. We'll reply with a quote.

  • If you accept it, we'll carry out the work and let you know when it's ready
  • If you reject it, we'll send your photo back to you

2. Bring it to us.
If you live in the Nelson, Golden Bay, Motueka Area, bring your photo in to us and we'll be more than happy to quote for you.

3. Scan it yourself and email it to us as an attachment:
You need to have some idea what you are doing if you intend to do this. Firstly, your scanner needs to be a good-quality high resolution scanner,capable of at least 1200dpi (Optical NOT Interpolated). If you paid less than about NZ$1200 to NZ$1500 for your scanner, it probably won't be good enough. The scanned image must meet the following minimum specifications:

  • Size 15x10cm
  • Resolution 300dpi
  • Colourspace RGB or sRGB (even if photo is Black & White)
  • Format either standard TIF or JPEG, baseline optimised, compression level 6 to 8

This should result in a 6mb TIFF image or a JPEG compressed to around 450 to 800kb. Please do not send images over 6MB.



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