PHOTO MANIPULATION - Improving Composition

Normally, once a photograph has been taken, very little can be easily done to improve its composition, other than cropping. People and objects in the background, especially any that are within the “framing” of the composition, are usually there to stay. However, with digital imaging, this is not so.

Take the example below, an ordinary photograph of a natural horsemanship instructor helping out a student with a difficult pony.

Average photo


There are several distracting elements in this photo:

  • A person standing on the left,
  • A person in the background between the pony and instructor,
  • A barrel on the ground,
  • Another horse's rump on the right side,
  • A streak of sunlight on the horse's neck

When all of the distracting elements are removed, and the photograph is then cropped and enlarged, it dramatically improves the composition, turning an average photo into a great one!

Great Photo!!


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